About BGA Energy


Headquartered in Charlotte, NC., BGA Energy Optimization Solutions, Inc. was established to assist businesses in assessing and implementing cost-effective and sustainable utility savings initiatives. Our company was incorporated in the state of North Carolina in 2009. BGA Energy offers products and services that include HVAC & Refrigeration optimization and Energy Efficient Lighting. Our teams of highly skilled professionals all share a dedication to provide our customers with the highest standard of excellence.

The BGA Energy partners and professional teams have proven results by generating significant savings for our customers. We place the customer at the heart of the decision-making process, striving to maintain an active dialogue and delivering a positive and seamless experience at every level. At BGA Energy, our goal is to become our customer's trusted partner in all areas of energy optimization.


  • Ron Barley, Partner

Mr. Barley has worked for more than twenty-five years with major U. S. and foreign corporations when serving as Founder-CEO of a national Manufacturer’s Representative firm, serving the U.S. Automotive OEM industry. During this time, he worked closely in helping develop energy-efficient products eventually adapted onto automotive platforms. Mr. Barley has broad experience in production processes and operations and quality assurance systems, which combine well in defining energy savings and efficiencies provided by the BGA Energy product line. He has also worked for two Fortune 100 companies and a national public accounting firm. Mr. Barley holds a B.S. degree for the University of Colorado and an MBA from Kansas University. He is married to Eleanor, and they live near-by their married daughter and husband, with three grandchildren, in Charlotte, NC.

  • Keith Gonzales, Partner

Mr. Gonzales began his career at Federated Investors in Pittsburgh, PA. Gonzales started out designing and renovating office space for the company before working his way up to various management positions supporting the company’s sales and marketing efforts. After twelve years at Federated, Mr. Gonzales was looking for a change in industry and more importantly a change in climate. Mr. Gonzales moved to Los  Angeles, CA where he worked as an executive for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Among his varied roles, Mr. Gonzales helped to transform the Academy Players Directory from a printed publication to an online resource for the entertainment industry. In addition, Mr. Gonzales managed the Academy’s largest facility, The Pickford Center in Hollywood and was responsible for maintaining the building’s sophisticated operations and overseeing the extensive renovations. After a long career at the Academy, he decided to make a move back east with his wife Christine and young family and settled in the Lake Wylie area of Charlotte, NC. Today, Mr. Gonzales is proud to be applying his extensive experience at two world-class organizations and helping BGA Energy and its customers achieve the same high standards of excellence. Outside of work, Mr. Gonzales enjoys playing tennis and playing an active role in the athletic, educational and spiritual enrichment of his three wonderful children.